What is a Bucket Bag and Why It is Still Going Strong

Upon request in 1932, Graston-Louis Vuitton specifically designed the Noe bucket bag to safely hold and transport champagne bottles. Today, this bucket bag in signature monogram leather has had so many different styles and has become an iconic bag in the house, also a classic design in bucket bag's history. Obviously, functionality is the original intention of the birth of bucket bag. As time went by, other contemporary brands also launched their designed bucket bags, like the Picotin bags from Hermès, Triomphe bucket bags from Celine, Balloon bags from Loewe, all of which have been on trend among fashion girls.

The bucket bags climbed the ranks of handbag fame must be awarded to Mansur Gavriel, a relatively young company founded in 2012 by Floriana Gavriel and Rochel Mansur and based out of New York City. Their sleek, minimal and colorful drawstring bucket bag immediately became an instant classic. It was everywhere. No wonder it is easy to forget that anything came before it though the bucket bag had been around for quite a while.

Mansur Gavriel’s Black Bucket Bag

Why is it call a bucket bag?

Why is it call a bucket bag? Simply because it looks like a bucket and has a wide base. A bucket bag is tall and has a roughly cylindrical shape and deep interior, closed by means of a drawstring. Its open top makes you get stuffs in and out very easily and it can carry a lot of things with the wide space.

Why is it still going strong and become a timeless piece?

There is no wrong way to wear a bucket bag. You will love its versatility. A bucket bag can be so easily re-imaged by fashion brands because a bucket bag is defined by its shape, not material or specific print. You can always find one with a brand' new take to the design in catwalk.

A bucket bag has always been a perfect partner that can suit a variety of styles. For utility, some bucket bags come with two even three straps so that the silhouette can be adjusted to different lengths to be worn smartly. Whether you want to carry it as a handbag or wear it as a chic shoulder bag and crossbody bag, the bucket bag shape can fit any outfit perfectly.

Functionality is a brilliant feature of the bucket bag. Bucket bags are a great choice for a weekend bag or everyday get away because its roomy interior can hold everything you need. The user-friendly drawstring closure makes it easy to access your phone and keeps all your belongings safe inside at same time.

Are bucket bags more of a spring or a winter accessory? In fact, they are for every season. They can be minimalist design in dark colors, in bright color with patterns, in vintage leather materials, in canvas and woven raffias. Designers always keep bucket bags in style. Also, it's a great choice for those girls with individual styles, yet could not afford the high price tags of designer bags that will go out of style quickly. That' s why bucket bags become so timeless and are so desirable among fashion girls.

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