Wallet Styles: Which Matches Your Personal Style?

"Getting a wallet" it seems like such an easy thing for most of us. We just pick up what we like and less care about their styles. However sometimes the new wallet is always something wrong with our personal style. In fact, for high-ending leather crafts, its style, color and details are dainty and exquisite. There are too many wallets on the market, let's classify them into several schools.

I classified wallets into 4 major styles: British style, American style, French style and Japanese style, all of which have very distinct features.

British Style Wallet

British style wallets first. The most significant feature of British style wallet is its square angels and minimalist design. They usually made from vegetable tanned leather.

This kind of design is used with suits. Its slim and minimalist design maintain neatness and shape of the suit when we slide them into our pockets. Its minimalist feature is designed for not damage to expensive suits by other embellishments.

In a general way, British style wallet is used with both a briefcase and a suit, which makes it perfect for business occasions.

French Style Wallet

French style wallets are generally represented by Hermes wallets, zipped pocket, cash pocket, vertical card slots all of which are unique features of French style wallets. Like British style wallet, most of them also have the square angle designs.

Another feature of a French style wallet is that it carries a lot of money, very useful accessory while hanging out with friends. It suits the expressive character of the French. The French style wallets are usually very thick, they generally are put in the bag.

The craftmanship of French style wallet is generally very exquisite so careful maintenance needed. Usually, they are for women. Men can also use it but more rugged grained leather is used to make the wallet.

Japanese Style Wallet

This kind of wallets are not very popular now. Once it was a hit but the fever passed soon because it didn't work well. However, it's still a popular wallet among small group of people.

Japanese style wallets are characterized by their thickness. Whether they are long wallets or short wallets, they have a large amount of internal pockets or card slots. The leather is generally not been sliced, so even when they are not loaded with money, they are also very bulky. Its appearance usually decorated with metal buckle and leather rope.

This feature of Japanese style wallet from Japan after the war, young people are generally poor, but been face-saving, so was born the even empty wallet but looks very fat. But the design is not friendly to today's users.

American Style Wallet

The design of American wallet is generally more functional, and not too fussy about the sense of history, but the details are good. In American wallets, there is a very fine division of functions. Cards, money, notes, passports, and sometimes keys and pens can all be contained in the wallet. The most dramatic thing I've ever seen is a cigarette case and a small flashlight in a purse.

American wallet seems like very useful in real life, but in fact most of the function is not very practical, this design is preferred by young people. For office workers with high work pressure, this kind of wallet is actually more difficult to use.

This kind of wallet is recommended to people who enjoyed slow life, or people like parties, with this kind of wallet will be very attractive. But be sure to pick the right material, or the wallet will break easily.