The Story of the Mushroom Clown | My Escaping Journey

Hi~ I'm a mushroom, I don't have a name...
Oh, I'm a clown too, worked in a circus. So people also called me the mushroom clown.

My job is mostly juggling and making people laugh at me.

Sometimes trapeze artist gets drunk, I have to do his job for him... though I ‘m very afraid of heights. One time I couldn't help to screaming in the air, audiences laughed louder than usual. That's so embarrassing.

Honestly, I don't like this job at all, but I have been sold to this circus.

Finally, one day I had a great plan.

I made up my mind to escape from the circus. I was anxious about my escaping plan. Would it succeed?

It succeeded!

I wanted to wander...

I wanted to feel and explore everything in this world!

I like listening all kinds of sounds in nature.

I like all kinds of smells in nature. Fresh air, dry warm soil, cold brooks... I'm relaxing and happy in woods.

I love having a bonfire after the sun goes down.

The fire came to light up the night, to warm air. Starring the dancing flames, my mind deviated from the present.

I like sleeping in my green tent. Occasionally I dream about the past.

Dreaming of the unhappy, unfree mushroom clown sitting in the dark...

But I feel lucky every time I wake up that I'm still alive and live the life I want...

I'm still on my way in exploring the world. I wish I could find friends, companions in future.


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