The Low-Cost, High-Joy Gift Guide for Christmas: Best for Crafty People

So you want to buy some real goods gifts that brings a genuine smile to the recipient's face - not a fake one. Believe us precious gift doesn't mean to be super expensive, at least to us. If you have no clues to select what kind of gifts for people on your holiday gifting list, POPSEWING team put heads together and came up a high-joy gift guide for everyone. Best for crafting friends, moms, teens, men... and anyone who has crafting spirit maybe they just haven't found it!

They say good and cheap can be used to describe a product at the same time. It can be good quality but not cheap, cheap but not very good. Well, most of time it is true. However, when I say most of time it also means we could find something cheap and good at the same time. Especially for gifts, we don't want them in bad quality but don't want to enter 2024 with debts too. Keep rolling down find this POPSEWING low-cost, high-joy gift guide for the holiday season! The prices showed are discount price, don't worry if you are not good at math. 😛

POPSEWING® Lady Crossbody Saddle Bag DIY Kit | $71.99

Over 100 units have been sold this year, this inspired lady saddle bag DIY kit is certainly a fan favorite. It's not a real luxury bag but it's a real luxe piece that the recipient will cherish too.

POPSEWING® Mini Evelyn Bag DIY Kit | $84.74


This would look lovely on anyone shoulder. The leather is real and super soft. Not very recommend this project for a beginner, but your crafting friend will loooove it! And if this color isn't doing for you, there are 13 other beautiful options to pick from.

POPSEWING® Calvi Card Holder DIY Kit | $37.49

The easiest DIY project even for a newbie. Instead of spending hundreds of bucks, this is an easy affordable gift that's definitely going to be a hit.

POPSEWING® Classic Roulis Bag DIY Kit | $224.99

If anyone can make me a bag like this, I will be over the moon!!!

POPSEWING® Mona Lisa Doll DIY Kits | $44.99

Making a fabric doll isn't so hard and complex as you might think.

POPSEWING® Christmas Charms DIY Kits | $26.99

Get it at $0 if you make an order over $159, it's a gift for you from POPSEWING®. 🥰

POPSEWING® Hello Kitty Keychain DIY Kit | $20.99

The cuteness is killing me.

POPSEWING® Apple Watch Band DIY Kits | $42.74

This may be the best gift if your friend just bought an Apple Watch.

POPSEWING® Men Compact Wallet DIY Kits | $37.49

Low-cost and highly appreciated gift for men!

POPSEWING® Kelly Slim Belt DIY Kits | $74.99

If you're okay with splurging a little, this inspired Kelly belt kit would make any fashion women happy.