Evolution of Mom's Bags | Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

In my impression, my mom is not a huge purse collector, but she has always carried a purse. I know some women have purses for each season and some even for every outfit, but my mom seems usually find a favorite and carry it for years. Last weekend when we slumped on the couch, me and mom had a sweet talk about how her preference of purse styles and sizes has evolved over the years, specifically after becoming a mom.

The Mini Handbag

Our moms once were the lively, vivacious girls before they became a mom and wrinkles on their faces. Bright colors, bold design, it seems like every girl has such a fashion small handbag on their wardrobe. All they need to carry is their credit cards, lip gloss, mini mirror, ID card...

Baby Mom Bag

Even though the diaper bag is a necessity in its own, baby items have a funny way of ending up in your purse.  So, your purse has grown from a small accessory to the biggest thing you have ever carried. A lightweight large mom tote is a great idea, which is important for a mom who have to carry around a lot of stuff.

The Toddler Tote

When the kid grew up a little, mom got tired of carrying around more than one bag. She made the switch from a diaper bag to exclusively carrying a tote/purse. At this time, you could always find their snacks, heart shaped rocks, crayons, fruit snack wrappers, 3 leaves and a happy meal toy on your purse.

The School Aged Satchel

Kids survived the preschool years and head to school. You head to work or to the laundry room. The purse becomes thinner; you resort to a crossbody satchel as a mom on the go. It holds a planner with school calendars and schedules, grocery lists, work notebook...

The Wristlet

You are a mom of a teenager and your child is old enough to take care of themselves and drive. Your kids no longer need constant supervision, but you constantly worry and keep your phone nearby anyways. For now, snack packs, don't need; child's stuffs, don't need. Most of the time, they want to drive their own car and carry their own bags which meet teenager taste. So it's just you and your wristlet filled with credit cards and cash.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mom

Mom's love for her child shows more than in her bags, it shows everywhere. She deserves to feel appreciated every day but especially on Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day is almost here, and if you don’t have a gift yet, no worries—we’re sharing a roundup of easy DIY Mother’s Day gifts that you can whip up before the weekend! Let's explore some wonderful and practical bag DIY projects!

1. Lady Fashion Crossbody Satchel Bag DIY Kit

Treat your mom a relaxing bag making DIY kit, and it's incredibly easy to make. Choose from over 15 color schemes.

2. Kelly Long Wallet DIY Kit

If your mom needs a stylish purse for her credit cards, cash and phone, this DIY wallet kit is it. A 'made by you' leather purse will greatly surprise her.

3. Mini Tote Handbag DIY Kit

This tote handbag is also a DIY—another great gift idea!

4. Strap A6 Notebook Cover DIY Kit

The A6 notebook leather cover is easy to make and so much better and meaningful than the store-bought kind.

5. Leather Initials Keychain DIY Kit

DIY a unique initial keychain for your mom. It's made from soft sheep skin; a keychain DIY kit is also budget friendly.

Want more design of DIY leather kits? Explore more here to find the perfect project for you and your mom. 

If you believe you're not so crafty to DIY these projects for your mom. Have a look at these stylish finished bags for mom.

1. Inspired Lindy Bag

2. Quilted Lamb Leather Tote Bag

If you mother love tote bag and quilted design, you can't go wrong with this bag.

3. Canvas Leather Casual Shopping Bag

Her shopping bag is almost worn, that's why you should get this lightweight shopping bag for her.

4. Quilted Leather Lady Phone Bag

Sweet phone bag for mom!