DIY Clog Making Kits Are Coming | Why We Love Them

Say Hello to DIY Clog Making Kits

So, it's a warm, quiet, drowsy afternoon in August, the designer ran out of inspirations. What kind of leather kit should we design this time? What kind of leather kit that will surprise and delight? Ahh, hard question! Two thousand years later... (just kidding :=)), inspiration came to her, why don't we make leather clogs/sandals kits for our customers? They are beautiful and comfortable to wear everyday. Thinking about it, a Made by You clogs/sandals, how wonderful are they!

The Inspired Birkenstock Clogs DIY Kit

 All the kits we have are designed to be beginner-friendly, so as the shoe making kits. The new kit should have minimal tools to get to grips with, easy techniques, detailed video tutorial, and most importantly pretty & comfy materials. For the design, it's the Birkenstock inspired style, classic and iconic. The shoes must go well with your daily outfits.

What's in the DIY Clog Kit

Now you may be curious about what's how these clog kits look like, what's included in it and will a beginner be able to do it. Let's unpack the kit, we will find out answers.

Like most of POPSEWING® DIY kits, we have the well pre-cut & punched leather pieces in the kit. We select nubuck leather this time, this kind of leather is sanded and has very soft velvet surface. The rubber soles and high density sponge insoles have been well made and have great sustainability. You only need to enjoy stitching and assembling them together. Leather needles and premium waxed thread; scissors, rubber finger covers, thimbles, nd an access code to a make along video tutorial!

It will be a HIT gift for Christmas

So, what sets our DIY Leather Clog Making Kits apart from the rest? Let's dive into the features that will have you itching to get your hands on them:

  1. Easy-Breezy for Beginners: We believe that everyone deserves the chance to craft their own fabulous footwear. That's why our kits are designed with simplicity in mind. With step-by-step instructions and all the materials you need neatly packaged, you'll be strutting around in your stylish self-made sandals in no time!

  2. Fun, Fun, Fun: We firmly believe that DIY projects should never be boring. That's why we've infused our kits with an extra dose of playfulness! From choosing your favorite leather colors to customizing the embellishments, every step of the process is a delightful adventure that'll ignite your creative spark.

  3. Accomplishment Galore: Ah, that feeling of accomplishment! There's nothing quite like the rush you get when you finish a project and hold the result of your hard work in your hands. With our DIY Leather Clog Making Kits, that sense of achievement is multiplied tenfold. Be prepared for the proud moment when your friends ask, "Where did you get those gorgeous sandals?" and you casually reply, "Oh, I made them myself!"

But wait, there's more! Our kits also make fantastic Christmas gifts for the fashion-forward folks in your life. Imagine the smiles on their faces as they unwrap the opportunity to create their own one-of-a-kind shoes. It's like giving them a ticket to a fabulous fashion adventure!

Safety is important, so we recommend adult supervision for younger DIY enthusiasts. Happy crafting! 😉🧡

Where can I buy a kit?

The kits are available at POPSEWING®, three color options. Ready to ship, are you ready to this crafting journey?