DIY Charms & Keychains: The ‘Made by You’ Accessory to Adorn on Your Bag

We can never get enough those cute, stylish bag charms and keychains in our life. Accidently find your handbag being matchy-matchy with a fellow colleague at work? Latch on a unique leather charm or a key chain on your bag, then everyone knows whose bag is whose! That's why we always want a charm & keychain, they don't cost much and are the best way to personalize your bag and show off your unique style. For DIY leather charms & keychains, they are one of the best small DIY projects for DIY lovers and a starter!

Why we adore charms & keychains so much?

There's no denying that charm/keychain is a stellar way of distinguishing your handbag from the rest. Colourful charms could add a kitschy, whimsical flair to your serious totes and sombre-coloured caryalls. Those little cuties also show our style and preference in an easy but so impactful way. When you walk in street, all of a sudden a girl's Stellalou bag charm catches your eyes, then you know quickly that she must be a fan of Stellalou. It's very interesting that you don't know each other but you can tell something about her through her charm/keychain. They don't cost much and a fab one can bring a smile to your face and be super functional to boot.

Why choose a leather keychain DIY kit?

For a beginner, choosing a right project could be a very important step to start "DO IT YOURSELF" journey. Either it's too easy or too difficult a wrong project could probably stop us at the very begin. A leather keychain/charm DIY kit seems like a very good choice if you want to try some DIY crafts.

Leather keychain/charm DIY kits are very good for any starters. They are easy to make in 1-2 hours by following the instructions step by step. And
POPSEWING™ DIY leather kits have included everything you need to make a cute charm, you don't need to spend extra money. If you can DIY an inspired luxury charm in very less money, why don't you just make it yourself and enjoy sewing!

4 Unexpected ways to use your handmade charms/keychains

1. Bag Charm

The obvious one is using it just as that, a bag charm. It can make your old bag new again by adding something stylish like a handmade rodeo horse charm or what a about a daisy flower leather charm on your work tote

2. Keychain

The smile a pretty bag charm bring is great but what if it functional too, we've got you covered with our mini clip and metal key ring. It becomes a keychain then, clipping to your keys it provides quick and easy access to your keys that often get lost in your bag.

3. Party Gifts

This one you might not have thought of - party gift. Forget those ordinary gifts and prepare something they'll truly remember by making their own leather craft.

4. Decoration

Add a bit of panache to your decor by hanging them from door knobs or lamp switches.  You can add to your Christmas tree or give an initial bag charm as a first Christmas ornament.

Make Your Own Charms & Keychain with POPSEWING DIY Kits

Whether you need something simple to hand to your best friend as a thank you, or maybe even something for your child’s teacher as a gift of appreciation, these DIY keychain ideas will always come in handy. Check out these 6 POPSEWING DIY keychain kits for you, your friends and your family!

1. Inspired Rodéo Horse Charm DIY kit

Classic piece! This inspired Rodéo horse charm DIY kits come in many different colorways.

2. Inspired Mini Kelly Charm DIY kit

A Kelly for your Kelly!

3. Inspired Mini Birkin Charm DIY kit

How can we miss a mini Birkin charm DIY kit if there is a mini Kelly Charm?

4. Inspired Picotin Bag Charm DIY kit

All you need is a POPSEWING DIY kit. Materials, tools and instructions included.

5. Little Fox Leather Charm/Keychain DIY Kit

You could make a keychain too. Hook it on a ring to create something charming for your necessary keys.

6. Double Heart Bag Charm DIY Kit

Here’s another leather keychain that you can DIY all on your own.

7. Captain America Keychain DIY Kit

Even the most novice of crafters can make this cool superhero keychain! It would be a great gift!

8. Photo Leather Keychain DIY Kit


This photo keychain is simple, it’s special and it’s so easy to make for yourself!

9. Loving Heart Keychain DIY Kit

This leather loving heart is just too darling not try give a try at.

10. Corgi Dog Keychain DIY Kit

Lovers of Corgi will really love this DIY!

Love these DIY keychain kits? Explore more fun DIY leathercraft kits on POPSEWING store. Start your first DIY project with us!