Bye, 2022 & Welcome, 2023! Happy New Year

This is always a hopeful time, as we celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another. And while 2022 was difficult for many of us, we must also look back on this year with the knowledge that brighter days are ahead of us. As we arrive at the dusk of 2022, we would like to reflect with everyone on some of the positive moments and significant events that took place this past year in our 2022 POPSEWING site in review.

Most Popular DIY Leather Kits of 2022

This year, POPSEWING has released more than 200 new products on a wide range of DIY leather kits and different types of finished bags. We have over 300 design DIY leather kits and leather bags on POPSEWING site now! we highlight 3 the most popular DIY bag kits of the year.

🥇 POPSEWING® Top Grain Leather Birkin Bag DIY Kit

Birkin Bag DIY Leather Kit | Make a Birkin Bag at Home

Our inspired Birkin bag DIY kit won the first prize in 2022 the most popular DIY leather kits competition! 😀 We are not surprised at all for the Birkin bag DIY kit is the most popular DIY kit. It is such an iconic design bag that everyone loves it. At least one unit was sold per day to DIY lovers of worldwide.

🥈 POPSEWING® Leather Design Classic Saddle Bag DIY Kit

DIY Saddle Bag Kit | DIY Leather Bag Kits for Beginners - POPSEWING™

The classic saddle bag DIY kit keeps its place this year, let's congratulate for it. 😜 As one of the most popular DIY bag kit, we added new colors and used new kind of leather to make this kit. You will not regret to try this kit, good investment!

🥉 POPSEWING® Lady Leather Fashion Crossbody Satchel Bag DIY Kit

DIY Satchel Bag Kit | DIY Leather Bag Kits for Beginners - POPSEWING™

As the lady satchel bag kit has the most variants, no wonder it is the most popular leather bag kit for the past year.

Other Highlights of POPSEWING® in 2022

  • Our worldwide business
In 2022, we're glad to serve our customers who come from over 50 different countries/regions. We are so honored to bring worldwide people the happiness of making them own bags at home. We wish we could do better and spread more love and happiness in the new year!
  • POPSEWING® club

      POPSEWING® club was created in 2022. Until now we already have more than 700 members in our club. Join the club for free, get rewarded, gain full access to exclusive perks, and so much more!

      • POPSEWING® social media

      We want to thank every fan who support us and follow our social media. In 2022, unfortunately our old Instagram account was hacked, we felt so sorry if you received harassment from the old account. It's your encouragement that pick us up and we have a new account. We glad our fans come back to us and still love our contents. In 2022, we have over 1000 posts using our tag #popsewing. Mention @popsewingdiykit and tag #popsewing for a chance to show more people your great work with POPSEWING® DIY kits.

      2023: A New Dawn

      As we usher in the new year, we want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.  There is one thing I know for sure—that our future is bigger and brighter because of all of you. In the new year, we will face the continuation of a global pandemic, uncertainty of regulations, but we will remain that spirit that we will do better with you together in 2023.

      Happy New Year.